Group Wellness Programs

Stress Management Program

We provide a four-week program that offers support and the tools to help your employees manage stress. Each weekly class is 30 minutes, and our Health Coaches can develop approaches that will help your employees to better manage their stress.

Weight Loss Program

If you have employees that exceed a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 31 then a weight loss management program may be a good fit for your company. We provide a six-week program that offers structure, accountability, and support to improve health and well-being through weight loss. Each weekly class is 30 minutes, and our Health Coaches can help develop practical strategies that will help your employees lose weight and keep it off.

Fitness and Mobility Classes

We created an exercise program that can involve all your employees and not get too sweaty. 20-minute live online group fitness classes to help infuse some energy into the workday. Sample classes include Morning Mobility or Yoga. We can also provide Barre Fitness, which is a group exercise derived from ballet. We can customize class offerings to meet the needs of your workforce.

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